Other people's stories

When my daughter was born she began having seizures at just a few days old. We saw doctor after doctor struggling to find out what was happening. They had no answers for me. They claimed it was not harming her, but I knew it couldn’t be right for my newborn to be going through this. She could not hold eye contact and would have a glazed look over her eyes. My husband and I struggled for months to find answers. When out daughter was 5 moths old we sought help from Mary Anne. Mary Anne foot zoned our daughter. It was the most incredible thing. Our daughter completely relaxed during the process and you could see her body really calm down for the first time in months. Mary Anne was so gentle and nurturing to our baby. The very next morning when our daughter awoke she looked at us directly in the eyes. She was holding eye contact and it felt that she was really seeing us. Since that day she has not had any more seizures at all. Mary Anne was incredible and helped my baby so much!

I am a farmer and spend most of my days out in the fields. It’s very important for me to be able to keep track of things and go for periods of time without having to stop and write things down. A few months back I tested positive for COVID-19. After the initial sickness was over I though I had returned to normal. It wasn’t until a few weeks later I realized I was still having some health concerns. I had major brain fog. It was to the point that I couldn’t remember what I had had for dinner the night before. Another problem was that my feet were swelling so bad I could no longer wear my work boots. These were major problems that were prohibiting me from being able to do my job. I began to seek holistic alternatives, and was recommended to try Foot Zoning. Upon seeing Mary Anne she could see instantly that my body was struggling. The very next morning I was able to lace up my work boots and wear them all day long. It was amazing! I was also able to recognize that some of my brain fog had disappeared. It felt great to regain some of those simple things. I then saw Mary Anne again for a second Foot Zone. My feet had began swell to again. During the Foot Zone I had instant relief. It was like it was disappearing right in front of us. Mary Anne was truly incredible and I am so happy to be able to feel like myself again. She was able to just look at me and see my pain. She recommend changed in my diet that have allowed me to live healthier and happier.

I have struggled with swollen feet since I was young child. There are very few things that I can do help it once the swelling gets too bad. I had been traveling a majority of the day, and was in immense pain. I could hardly walk. Mary Anne began foot zoning me, and within just a couple minutes the pain subsided. You could visibly see the swelling leaving my foot and leg. I had instant relief and it was truly amazing! Mary Anne was incredible about identifying the areas of my body that need attention. She genuinely cares about my well being and has taught me to be more in tune with my body!

Six years ago I had a stroke. The doctors diagnosed me as a type 2 diabetic, and put me on high cholesterol medication and high blood pressure medication. . Over the years I began to experience other health issues that were the cause of my liver not functioning properly. This led doctors to put me on more medication and I started suffering from severe migraines. I would have to lock myself in a dark room for days to just be able to with stand them. I was miserable and exhausted. My wife was tirelessly searching for things to help me, and we decided Foot Zoning was the next step for us. Just by seeing me Mary Anne could tell my liver was struggling which was affecting my entire body’s health. Since being Foot Zoned I have been able to be taken off of my cholesterol medication and my diabetes medication. I am currently taking half the amount of blood pressure medication I was and experience fewer migraines than ever before. This is all thanks to Mary Anne! She was able to see how my body was struggling and recommend holistic ways that benefit my health and healing. She was able to give me changes in my diet that are helping me get my liver back on track and being able to feel great again.

I have been to Mary Anne 3 different times to seek help with my body. Each time Mary Anne is genuinely concerned with my wellbeing and wants to help me. The very first time I went to her my neck had been locked up and I could not loom from side to side. During the FootZone, Mary Anne was able to release my neck and give me back fun range of motion. I was absolutely shocked and in such relief! The second time I was experience such horrible pain from my lower back all the down my leg. This pain felt like a rod running down my leg and prohibited me from being able to walk backwards. Instantly after my Foot Zone I was able to walk backwards for the first time in months. I also saw Mary Anne again for a third time because I was experiencing such a lack of energy. I didn’t have the drive to do anything. Mary Anne was able to read my body and tell my what I was lacking, She recommended changes in my diet that have allowed me to gain that energy back. I am so thankful to Mary Anne. She is so nurturing and really wants to help others feel their best. I am so glad to have found Mary Anne and have someone keep my body healthy.

My daughter is highly allergic to bees. Anytime she gets stung or bitten we have to give her medicine and she sleeps the rest of the day and feels horrible. Her body swells up for days. Mary Anne was able to Foot Zone my daughter immediately after a bee sting. My daughter was calmed by Mary Anne’s gentle and sweet nature. We were able to avoid using any medicine. The Foot Zone was incredible as I could watch the fear leave my daughter as she was feeling better. Mary Anne gave us some essential oils to use on the sting and it was just amazing. They took away the pain and the swelling didn’t last near as long as it used to.

Before seeing Mary Anne I was suffering from severe hot flashes, neck pain and a lack of energy. I was a bit nervous about Foot Zoning, but let me say it was amazing. After just one session I was able to feel a huge change in my body. The hot flashes became fewer and fewer, my neck pain disappeared and I regained all of my energy. I felt amazing and was so thrilled to feel healthier and happier. Mary Anne was wonderful as she talked me through the process and made sure that I was comfortable and relaxed. She genuinely cares about your health and really wants to help you achieve a greater level if wellness.

At an outing one day my 3 year old son fell down the stairs and hit his head. He instantly started crying and screaming. Then in a few moments his whole body went limp and he was non-responsive. He began to fall asleep. I knew instantly that this was very serious and he needed to go to the hospital. I was running around to grab my things and get my son in the car. Mary Anne was at this event and jumped into action. She took my son on her lap and began Foot Zoning him. I had never even heard of this before, but wanted more than anything to just help my son. In less than 5 minutes my son quit trying to sleep and became responsive. It was the most fascinating thing I have ever seen. Within minutes he was up and running like a normal 3 year old. She had natural instincts to help right away and saved my son. Mary Anne is so kind and caring, and really wants to help. I am forever thankful to Mary Anne for the way she saved my son from what could have been a major trauma.