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The Sterling Foot Zoning Experience

Mary Anne Sterling is a medical healer who helps people reach their ideal health. She is certified through the American Foot Zonology Practitioners Association, and studied at the Nordblom American Institute of Foot Zonology. Mary Anne studied under Amber Bodily who is a Master Foot Zonologist and highly sought after medical intuitive.

Mary Anne was introduced to Foot Zoning when her daughter was struggling with digestive issues. She went from being a cheerful and bubbly child to feeling down and in constant pain. Mary Anne and her husband had tried everything to help her, and no one had answers for them. Mary Anne researched holistic alternatives and came across Foot Zoning. After being foot zoned and changing her diet, Mary Anne’s daughter returned to her normal happy self. This fascinated Mary Anne how her daughter’s health had completely changed. This led her to have multiple members of her family Foot Zoned, including another one of her daughters, her husband and mother. Seeing the changes Foot Zoning had brought to her family led Mary Anne to seek the knowledge and skill. This holistic path showed Mary Anne a way to help others with their health, wellness, and healing.

Foot zoning, Mary Anne Sterling

What is FootZonology?

Foot Zonology is the science of balancing, rejuvenating and detoxifying the body through the signal system in the feet. It consists of both Zone Balance and Zone Analysis.

Each cell in our body has a signal on our feet, and by accessing the signal, the cells are prompted at a DNA level to repair and renew themselves. The body has the ability to heal itself!

History of FootZonology

Foot Zonology’s predecessor is Foot Zone Therapy. Zone Therapy, in some form, has existed and been practiced as a healing method for tens of thousands of years. Many civilizations have come and gone that have benefitted from using Zone Therapy for overall health and wellness. It has been discovered that ancient paintings and hieroglyphics found in India and Egypt depict Zone Therapy, showing that these ancient cultures utilized this healing treatment.

Zone Therapy re-emerged in the 20th century with Dr. William Fitzgerald, an American ear, nose and throat specialist (1872-1946). He developed a theory that we have 10 vertical meridians, or electrical circuits, that run through the body. He discovered that by applying pressure in a specific movement or pattern brought on pain relief in the body. His work was documented by Dr. Edwin Bowers, who referred to the vertical meridians as “zones”. In the 1950’s, a Norwegian doctor named Charles Ersdal, M.D., experienced relief from paralysis with Zone Therapy treatments. Over the next 26 years, Dr. Ersdal researched Foot Zone Therapy and determined that the body has its own healing intelligence. He came to find that the body can heal itself when stimulated or triggered through the specific treatment of Foot Zone Therapy. Through his findings, he discovered that the body responded best when treated as a whole integrate, inter-related system. He charted the signals to the brain, blood circulation, lymphatic system, and musculoskeletal system.

Katri Nordblom, a German trained naturopath, learned and was mentored in Foot Zone Therapy by Dr. Ersdal. She began to teach the method in her home country of Sweden. During this time, Katri made discoveries of her own relating to the signals in the feet, specifically the inner organs and the pancreas. She realized that you can also analyze the current state of the body through accessing the signals in the feet.

In the spring of 1989, Katri and her husband Hans moved to Paradise Valley, Montana, bringing Foot Zone Therapy with them. As time went on and Katri made more and more revelatory discoveries, she changed the treatment she offered from Foot Zone Therapy to Foot Zonology, and trademarked the method. In 1990, she and Hans opened the Nordblom American Institute of Foot Zonology.

Who Should be Foot Zoned?

Anybody would benefit from a zone, because we all have physical, emotional, and mental imbalances. Zoning can help to revitalize and restore the body to bring it back to a more balanced state. However, there are certain individuals with conditions that should not get zoned due to risks of side effects. Those that should not be foot zoned are listed under services page.

Babies and children are active and have growing bodies. Foot zoning helps to meet the demands of what their body needs, keeps their immunity high, and helps them to be happy and healthy. Teenagers can especially benefit from the hormone balancing that takes place in the body during a foot zone treatment. Men and women have different and often difficult challenges that they have to face in life every day. Foot zoning allows the body to come in to balance, which in turn helps us to better cope with stress and the demands of life. It can also help to elevate our mood and outlook on life. The elderly are at a time in their life when the body needs extra support and renewing. Even athletes and those who are employed in intense lines of work can benefit from the renewing, rejuvenating and balancing effects of foot zoning.

What to expect in a Foot Zoning treatment?

The Foot Zonologist will methodically roll, press, or slide knuckles and thumbs along the tops, bottoms, and sides of your feet. A foot zone session helps to detox and rejuvenate the cells & organs in the body and helps bring the body back to a more balanced state. After a zone, a client can feel energized or more relaxed. The Foot Zonologist can analyze the foot and recognize the imbalances that are taking place inside the body.

Could I have any side effects after a Foot Zone?

Everyone responds differently to the treatment. It depends what the body is needing to do to rebalance in certain areas. Many clients have an immediate positive response, while others experience a brief detoxification reaction such as fatigue.

How long does a Foot Zone take?

A foot zoning session can take 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes.

How often should one get a Foot Zone?

Each person varies depending on what the condition of the body is. If you’re healthy and well, it’s recommended to get a treatment once every 4-6 weeks. Other acute conditions can be advised to be Foot Zoned a few times a week.