Relax Repair Rejuvenate

Foot Zoning is a natural non-invasive and relaxing method of helping your body to repair, rejuvenate, balance and remove disturbances through the signal system on your feet.

Foot Zoning

Mary Anne Sterling is a medical healer who helps people reach their ideal health. She is certified through the American FootZonology Practitioners Association, and studied at the Nordblom American Institute of Foot Zonology. Mary Anne studied under Amber Bodily who is a Master Foot Zonologist and highly sought after medical intuitive.

Mary Anne was introduced to Foot Zoning when her daughter was struggling with digestive issues. She went from being a cheerful and bubbly child to feeling down and in constant pain. Mary Anne and her husband had tried everything to help her, and no one had answers for them. Mary Anne researched holistic alternatives and came across Foot Zoning. After being foot zoned and changing her diet, Mary Anne’s daughter returned to her normal happy self. This fascinated Mary Anne how her daughter’s health had completely changed. This led her to have multiple members of her family Foot Zoned, including another one of her daughters, her husband and mother. Seeing the changes Foot Zoning had brought to her family led Mary Anne to seek the knowledge and skill. This holistic path showed Mary Anne a way to help others with their health, wellness, and healing.


My mission is to help you empower your health in any and all ways that I can. I practice a holistic approach, working to balance all aspects of your life, and addressing your core issues, not just the symptoms. Healing the body, from the inside out, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, is how we find lasting wellness and joy.


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